2017 Supermoto USA Hard Card Application

Your 2017 Membership includes your Competition Hard Card and entitles you to exclusive use of your assigned Rider Number*.  As a Hard Card holder, you will also be elegible for special promotions & recognition and/or access privileges which may vary by event.

Rider Numbers

  • Top Ten numbers are reserved (see below)
  • Number assignments of prior year will be held until completion of the first race event of the current season.  If number remains unclaimed after first race event it becomes available for assignment.
  • All remaining numbers not assigned in prior year become available for assignment at beginning of the current year.
  • Select numbers may be considered retired and will not be re-issued.
  • A current list of assigned numbers will appear on the Supermoto USA website.

Top ten finishers in the Premier class for the prior year AMA Supermoto West Championships have earned numbers 1-10 and will be allowed to carry Top Ten plates.  Additionally, 2016 Class Champions in all other categories, will be allowed to wear the number one plate, ONLY when racing in the class in which the plate was earned.

Once your membership application submitted online is approved, you will be emailed an electronic invoice to make your payment and complete the process.

Please note that payment for approved applications must be received within 7 days or requested rider numbers may be released for other assignment.

Upon completion of payment, your rider number will be assigned to you and your License Hard Card will be prepared and available for pick-up at the registration desk for the next scheduled race event. (Subject to production timing)

* Exclusive use of Rider Number may not be possible at combined events.

License application fee $75

License Application

2 + 5 = ?

In the consideration of the granting to me of a SUPERMOTO USA competition License by SUPERMOTO USA and in consideration of the promotion and operation for my benefit of SUPERMOTO USA race events by SUPERMOTO USA and on consideration of the granting of permission to me to enter, use and remain on the track facilities and/or premises of which these events take place by the owners and/ or representative thereof, I hereby, for myself, my heirs, personal representatives and assigns, release, discharge and agree to hold and indemnify SUPERMOTO USA, The owners and/or representatives of the aforesaid track facilities and/ or premises as well as the directors, officers, agents, employees and/or members of all of them, of and from liability, loss claims, demands and possible causes of action that otherwise accrue from loss, damage or injury ( including death ) to my person or property, in any way resulting from, arising in connection with, or related to any event, and whether arising while engaged in competition or in practice or in preparation thereof or while upon entering or departing from said track facilities and/or premises, from any cause whatsoever, including, without limitation, the failure of anyone to enforce the rules and regulations, failure to make inspections, or the negligence of other persons. I understand that motorcycle racing competition can constitute a hazardous activity and that, by reason of my application for a SUPERMOTO USA competition license and/or my participation in or presence at any competition event, I am assuming all hazards and risk relating thereto. I agree that SUPERMOTO USA and any facilities in use by each, may use my pictures, audio-video recordings, and my name (including pictures and audio-video recordings taken at any SUPERMOTO USA event of me and my racing equipment) for any purpose in any media. I agree to abide by the SUPERMOTO USA competition rules at the events to which they apply and to respect the authority of the race meet officials at all SUPERMOTO USA events. I have read this application in its entirety and stipulate, under penalty of perjury, that all statistical information set forth herein by me is true and complete. By submitting this application I hereby confirm, consent and agree to the foregoing.

SUPERMOTO USA reserves the right to refuse anyone a racing license for reasonable and justifiable cause.  Applicants acknowledge that other racing organizations may be notified by SUPERMOTO USA of any suspension or revoked racing license and/or privileges and that other racing organizations may also provide such information to SUPERMOTO USA.

By submitting this racing license application and/or submitting a race entry form at any SUPERMOTO USA event the applicant agrees to all of the conditions set forth above.