2017 Pre Season

Simraceway Performance Karting Center
Sonoma Raceway

Saturday Schedule

Practice: $50 for full day. $40 for half day.

8:00am – 2:00pm Practice shared w/karts, alternating sessions

12pm – 2:00pm Riders clinic with Buck Gerolomy and guest riders

2:00pm – 5:00pm Practice bikes only, alternate groups, minis, open, as needed

Sunday Schedule

8:00am – 9:00 registration and tech inspection

9:20am Riders Meeting

10:00am – 2:00pm Mini Team race

Mini Team Race classes

  • 65cc – 80cc 2 stroke,
  • S/S125 4 Stroke (XR100, TTR125, ETC)
  • 150cc 4t air-cooled (Groms!)
  • 230cc 4 Stroke (ALSO 85 2 STROKE AND 150 LIQUID COOLED 4 stroke)
  • mini road racers grouped with appropriate eng. class listed above

2:30pm – 4:20pm Open Team race
Open class bikes: 250cc and up

Team races entries/rules

  • $75 per rider, max six riders per team or iron man solo riders!
  • Mandatory pits stops every ½ hour
  • Teams must refuel in hot pit. Each team must have own fire extinguisher present and manned.

March 12 – Mini Marathon Results


PlaceTeamLapsBest TimeBest Lap
CLASS: 125cc Team
1Team Zooma2051:02.27690
2Team Braaapppp!2031:02.22232
3Tt Gnar1831:05.631170
4Dames Don't Care1791:06.119161
5Sbb One1631:08.48547
6El Tigre1381:06.280108
7Gr Moto1311:02.346115
CLASS: 150cc Team
1Team Sbb1851:06.193146
2Mad Ass1771:06.092173
CLASS: 230cc Team
1Subversive Racing2250:57.064219
2Team Slack2250:55.625170
3Team Stellfox2140:56.071111
4Team Xcelomer2120:58.029205
5Burnt Guys1861:03.33418